Do you love spending time inside a hot, steamy sauna?

There are very few things in life that are more exhilarating than relaxing inside a room filled with steam. Some people shut their eyes while the sweat drips down their bodies. It’s almost heaven for many sauna fans around the world.

But have you ever stepped inside a barrel sauna? These wondrous creations sit outside your house and are made from red cedar. It can survive the elements and features stainless steel fixtures to ensure that it’s ready to operate the moment you need a sauna experience.

So should you get a giant barrel in your backyard whenever you feel like taking a sauna? If you need to think about it, here’s everything you should know as to why it could be a good idea for you.

What to Keep in Mind When Buying a Barrel Sauna?

A barrel sauna isn’t for everybody. Firstly, they’re an outdoor sauna, which means you’re going to need to ensure you have enough space in your backyard to store one. You’ll also notice the moment that you step inside one that there is no changing room. So you’ll have to get changed inside, then have a clear path into the barrel sauna.

The other factor to keep in mind when buying a barrel sauna is that there is little insulation or vapor barrier. This means if it’s freezing outside, you might feel some hot and cold air when you’re against the edge of the barrel sauna.

What Makes a Barrel Sauna Different from Other Saunas?

Besides being the shape of something you usually store wine in, there are some other significant differences for barrel saunas. The main difference is that the minute you open the door, you’re inside the sauna. There is no changing room or walkway into the steam room. There’s also no upper bench. The other key difference is that the walls contain little insulation and don’t have a vapor barrier. So there is a chance you’re going to feel some cool air coming in from the outside.

How Does a Barrel Sauna Work?

One of the key benefits of a barrel sauna is the way heat is distributed inside one. Due to the clever design, every inch inside the barrel sauna can get heated. It also means the room is able to get hotter compared to traditional saunas. A barrel sauna is also designed specifically for temperature changes. The red cedar can expand and contract easily within the confines of the stainless steel bands. This is helpful when the door to the barrel sauna is opening and closing regularly.

What are Barrel Saunas Made From?

Most barrel saunas are made from stunning red cedar. This type of material is stable yet soft. It’s very resistant to warping under extreme heat conditions and can easily handle any humidity changes. Red cedar is also known for its insulation properties. That’s why you’ll find mostly cedar barrel saunas available for rent or purchase.

How Many People Can Fit Inside a Barrel Sauna?

While you might want to show off your barrel sauna to everyone in the neighborhood, most people will need to take a number. Most barrel saunas can fit up to four people. Everyone will enjoy the glorious steam from one of two low benches as there is no high seating. So a barrel sauna doesn’t take up your entire backyard area, they are often smaller in size, which means it can be a tighter fit inside the structure.

How Hot Can an Outdoor Barrel Sauna Get?

Barrel saunas are smartly designed. The curved nature of the barrel sauna allows for heat to reach more areas inside the structure. Provided that you’ve got the correct type of heater and you’ve sealed up the barrel sauna as much as possible, then you can expect temperatures to reach around 190 degrees Fahrenheit after about an hour. This is not too bad at all, considering this is an outdoor sauna that often sits outside in the cold.

How Do You Maintain a Barrel Sauna?

Looking after your barrel sauna is actually simpler than maintaining other outdoor features such as swimming pools or spas. Depending on the weather conditions in your area will depend on how much maintenance you’ll need to perform on your barrel sauna. On the exterior, you’ll want to perform a low-pressure wash on a regular basis. It’s also a good idea to apply a stain that can lower the impacts of the sun.

In regard to the interior, you should never paint or treat the red cedar. You should either vacuum or sweep out any dust or dirt. It’s also a good idea to scrub the wood with some warm water and use sandpaper to buff out any stains.

How to Install a Barrel Sauna?

Getting your backyard ready for a barrel sauna is surprisingly easy. Naturally, you’ll want a flat piece of ground to install the barrel sauna as the last thing you want is for it to start rolling down the street. However, you won’t need to pour any concrete or perform any excavations in your backyard. Your barrel sauna will come with a base that you can build the structure on top of. This will hold the barrel sauna and keep it from escaping.

How Long Can a Barrel Sauna Last?

After putting in all the work to install your barrel sauna, you want to make sure that you’re going to get plenty of time to enjoy it. Thankfully, cedar barrel saunas can survive for up to 20 years. You’ll need to make sure that you take care of the wood and perform the necessary maintenance for it to last this long. An outdoor barrel sauna requires a lot more upkeep than an indoor structure, as the sun and weather can do a number on the exterior. But provided you treat it regularly, you’ll be having an unforgettable sauna experience for up to two decades. 

Where Can You Learn More?

A barrel sauna is not only a unique design, but it’s an efficient one. It can circulate heat better than most other structures and doesn’t require as much maintenance compared to pools or spas. While there’s still some upkeep to perform every now and then, it’s all worth it once you step inside for that unique sauna experience.

If you still have more questions about barrel saunas, then we’ve got the answers. We can provide you with everything you need to know about an outdoor barrel sauna and more right here.