Everything You Need to Know About a Sauna House

Do you adore saunas?

Nothing compares to relaxing inside a Nordic-style bathhouse as the heat stimulates your entire body. It’s a refreshing experience that is considered by many to be a therapeutic treatment, which could be why almost every resident in Finland has a sauna installed in their home.

But is it possible to get a sauna house for your home? Thankfully, it is possible, and it’s a lot cheaper than relocating to Finland. Here’s what you need to know about getting a sauna house all to yourself.

How to Build a Sauna House

There’s no need to grab an ax and cut down a tree for wood to build your sauna house. You can purchase helpfully DIY kits that allow you to put one together with ease. While the wood is pre-cut, you may need a saw to make some alterations. It’s also a good idea to have a hammer, leveler, measuring tape, sanding block, screwdriver, and pliers on standby.

Another alternative is to source the materials yourself to build your sauna house. You should make sure to get some western red cedar as it makes for the perfect insulator. It’s also best to do your research when it comes to the right heater for your space and that the ventilation is appropriate, so there is no impact on the heat.

What is a Modular Sauna House?

A modular sauna house allows you to build your own structure as if you were putting together a jigsaw puzzle. Each piece of the sauna perfectly fits together and only requires you to screw the joints together so it can stay upright. You do also need to provide a base made of either concrete or tiles. The kit will contain everything else that you need to get your sauna house up and running.

What Are the Benefits of Having a Sauna House Over an Indoor Sauna?

Two of the key benefits of having a sauna house is that you may not require any electricity or plumbing to build it. Often with indoor saunas, you’ll need to consider outlets and drains as part of the construction. But with a sauna house, you have the option of using wood to heat the structure and windows to provide you with some natural light. As there’s no running water, you won’t need to worry about any drains either.

What Different Types of Sauna Houses Exist Around the World?

Some creative minds have come up with some wild ideas for sauna houses around the world. In Sweden, there is a sauna house resembling a golden egg. It’s made from gold plates and features a wood fire burner in the shape of a heart. You can also find floating saunas on lakes in the US and Norway. There’s even an oval sauna house in Estonia that floats on a body of water in the region.

What Should You Wear in a Sauna?

There are several clothing options to choose from when entering a sauna. You can head inside in a swimsuit or something loose that you can remove so you’re not wearing anything at all. However, it’s common to wear clothes made from cotton as this absorbs heat and lets your skin breathe. Just make sure they’re clean and avoid wearing anything tight fitting underneath.

How Do You Maintain a Sauna House?

Fortunately, maintaining a sauna house is relatively easy. You’ll need to wash the exterior every now and then using a low-pressure hose. For the interior, you’ll have to vacuum or sweep the floors to get rid of any dirt. Then you can lightly scrub the interior with some soap and warm water. If there are any scuffs or stains, these can get removed with sandpaper.

Does Building a Sauna House Require a Construction License?

You won’t need to complete a college degree in construction to build your own sauna house. However, there are safety requirements to ensure that it’s not a danger to you or anyone else that steps inside it. This information is often included with the sauna house kit and must not be altered in any way.

How Much Does a Sauna House Cost?

If you’re looking to build a sauna house using a premade kit, the basic models will set you back anywhere from $2000 to $7000. This will include everything you need to construct it. If you prefer to buy all your materials and purchase items like the heaters and stones on your own, then this can be anywhere from $3000 to $10,000 depending on how many people you would like inside of it.

Can You Rent a Sauna House Instead?

Don’t see yourself using a sauna house regularly? Then instead of building a replica of a Nordic-style bathhouse on your own, you can always rent a sauna house instead. This alternative means you don’t need to worry about maintaining it, and you can call upon it when you need to relax and unwind. You’ll get provided with everything you need to enjoy some time in the sauna, and it will get taken away without you having to lift a finger.

Where Can You Learn More?

Whether you’re looking for a Nordic-style bathhouse in your backyard or want to rent something when you need a little heat therapy, we’ve got all the answers to your questions about sauna houses. If you want to learn more about the health benefits or what an infrared sauna is, you can find it all in one place right here.