Are you thinking about getting yourself a sauna?

There are not many things more relaxing on Earth than sitting inside a steam room while the droplets land on every part of your body. It’s easy to lose yourself inside a sauna, so it’s no wonder you’re thinking of getting one.

But do you start buying up all the red cedar timber you can find to build your sauna? Maybe you’re better off buying one that’s already assembled that can slot inside your house or sit outside in your backyard. However, have you thought about renting a sauna?

Renting a sauna might end up being more cost-effective for your situation. There are also several other benefits of utilizing sauna rental rather than owning a structure for yourself.

If you haven’t made your mind up yet, then get your questions answered about sauna rental below before you make your final decision.

What Are the Benefits of Renting a Sauna?

Choosing to rent a sauna instead of purchasing one outright has many benefits. Firstly, if you’re not someone that feels the need to have a sauna every single week, then you can look to rent a sauna when it’s convenient for you. In addition, the rental costs will be significantly lower compared to running and maintaining your own sauna.

Speaking of maintenance, this chore won’t be your responsibility when your rental period is up. While you can’t leave it in worse condition than how you found it, you won’t need to concern yourself with regularly cleaning the sauna or treating the wood to ensure that it lasts as long as possible. All you need to worry about is how much time you have with the sauna before you have to give it back.

Lastly, the sauna doesn’t become a permanent fixture of your home. If you enjoy your backyard space or the inside of your house is cluttered enough as it is, then it will be a good thing that the room the sauna is taking up is only temporarily.

Is Renting, Building, or Buying an Outdoor Sauna the Most Cost Efficient?

If you’re thinking about getting yourself a sauna, then you’re likely deciding between building one from the ground up, buying one that’s premade, or renting one whenever you feel like relaxing inside a steam room.

Building a sauna is definitely the most expensive. Regardless if you’re looking to place it inside or outside your home. Outdoor saunas can range in prices from $5000 to 10,000 depending on how big you’re building it as well as the type of heater you choose to use to keep the room warm. An indoor sauna starts at $5000 and can be as expensive as $15,000 if there are any structural requirements required to fit it inside your home.

Buying a sauna is only slightly cheaper. The differentiator on these types of saunas is how extravagant you want them to be. For example, an entry-level option can be as cheap as $3000. Higher-end models will reach $15,000 and feature premium fittings as well as customization options, so your sauna is completely unique. The type of heater can also make a difference in the cost. Infrared heaters are cheaper than the traditional steam models because of the way they need to be installed.

If you choose to rent a sauna, then these prices drastically reduce. Prices can start as low as $100 a day. It’s perfect for anyone who doesn’t utilize a sauna on a regular basis but like to indulge in one when they need some time to relax. Renting a sauna once a month could be the best option for you if you don’t plan on spending a lot of time inside the steam room.

What Types of Saunas Can You Rent?

Thankfully, it’s possible to rent both indoor and outdoor saunas. It is a lot easier to rent an outdoor sauna though, especially if there is easy access to the backyard. You can rent a barrel sauna which is one of the smaller options and sits less people. It’s the perfect amount of room if you want to stretch and enjoy everything the sauna has to offer.

Indoor saunas can be a little trickier. First, you’ll need to find a suitable room for the sauna, and ensure that it’s easy to get to. Ideally, you don’t want the sauna to be traveling up or downstairs. It should also avoid going through multiple rooms. Unlike outdoor saunas, there isn’t as much freedom to drop it anywhere.

How Often Should You Use a Sauna?

Many specialists recommend having a session inside a sauna at least once a week. The maximum number of times to have a sauna without it impacting your health is three times a week. The frequency does depend on your own health and physical fitness though.

A 20-minute session is plenty of time to spend inside a sauna. However, it’s also possible to stay inside for 30 to 45 minutes. The key to getting the most out of a sauna is consistency. If you miss a week of not having a sauna, then you won’t reap the full rewards that come from the heat.

It is possible for saunas to weaken your body if you utilize them too much. That’s another one of the reasons that renting a sauna can be more beneficial instead of buying or building one. It forces you to limit the number of sessions you have, and you only end up paying for what you use.

Where Can You Find More Information?

Sauna rental could be the solution for you if you’re thinking about getting a sauna. Suppose you don’t plan on utilizing it on a regular basis and prefer to keep the inside or outside clear of any additional structures. In that case, renting a sauna could be more cost-effective and allow you to keep your home in the same state that it currently is. If you’ve got more questions about renting the right sauna for your needs, then you can find all the answers right here.