Do you enjoy spending time inside a sauna?

It could be after a workout at the gym or on your way home from the office. Relaxing inside a sauna can be a therapeutic experience unlike no other. But did you know there are some sauna health benefits too?

Sauna benefits can range from improvements in blood circulation to weight loss. They can even help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Sauna therapy is also known to improve sleep patterns and reduce stress.

You probably don’t need any more convincing to indulge in a few more sauna sessions. However, if you are considering making it part of your regular exercise regime, here are some of the sauna health benefits you can expect to gain.

What are the Health Benefits of Using a Sauna?

Regardless if you’re sitting inside infrared saunas or more traditional models, you’re able to reap the rewards of the benefits on offer. One of the most important sauna benefits is that it can help you relax. The sauna environment is one where you can sit back or lay down to let the heat do its work on your body.

The steam and hot air will help increase your heart rate and widen your blood vessels. This allows for your blood to better circulate in the same way it would if you were running on a treadmill. The increased circulation also aids in treating certain conditions such as relieving muscle pain, helping in joint movement, reducing stress, and improving your overall cardio health.

Milyen gyakran használjon szaunát?

To get the entire range of sauna benefits, you’re best to use it a minimum of once a week and a maximum of three times per week. It’s also essential to use it consistently. Missing a week here and there will mean that your body will start to revert to how it was before you began indulging in saunas.

If you’re using infrared saunas, then you can increase your frequency. Infrared saunas don’t fill the air with steam. Instead, they heat your body directly. So you can spend more time inside one and use it daily if you like.

How Long Should You Stay in a Sauna?

The recommended time to stay inside a sauna is between fifteen and twenty minutes. Any longer, and you can risk dehydration. You should also listen to your body when you’re inside a sauna. Once you start feeling too hot, then it’s time to exit.

You can stay longer inside infrared saunas. These saunas heat the body directly and don’t fill the room with steam. You can spend as long as 40 minutes inside one of these types of saunas and get the full range of benefits.

How Many Times Can You Use a Sauna in a Day?

You should only indulge in using a sauna once a day. Most health professionals will reiterate that using a sauna more than once can cause risks to your overall health. It can also reverse some of the sauna benefits.

If you want to use them regularly, then you’re best to look at infrared saunas. These types of saunas are designed to be utilized daily. However, you’ll still need to stick to having one session a day.

Do Saunas Help You Lose Weight?

It’s true that one of the many sauna benefits is its ability to help you shed a few pounds. When you’re sitting inside a sauna, you’re sweating out a lot of your water weight. However, once you rehydrate, this will return.

You shouldn’t rely solely on a sauna to lose weight. It can be used in conjunction with regular exercise and a balanced diet.

What is the Healthiest Type of Sauna?

The argument over what the healthiest type of sauna comes down to two specific models. There’s the traditional steam sauna which provides a relaxing and invigorating experience. Then there are infrared saunas. These models heat you directly rather than filling the room with hot air.

Both models offer different sauna benefits. They also provide various health benefits. However, infrared saunas are technically the healthiest type of sauna due to the reduced humidity to their steam counterparts. Infrared saunas are also capable of providing more health benefits as they can get deeper into your muscle tissue. It’s able to provide improved circulation and reduce joint aches compared to traditional models.

Do Saunas Help Improve Your Skin?

One of the unknown sauna benefits is its ability to help improve your skin. While many people might not enjoy sweating, it’s actually good for your body as it can help release toxins and help clear up your complexion.

Most of these toxins are blocking up your pores. The more you can flush out, the smoother your skin will be. The improvements to your circulatory system can also help your skin. One of the many benefits of sitting inside a sauna is blood pumping through your body. While this is happening, it’s also providing your skin with more nutrients. It will help give you a more radiant glow and leave it looking smoother than ever.

Hol lehet többet megtudni?

There many sauna benefits ranging from health to relaxation. It doesn’t matter if you indulge in one every once and a while multiple times throughout the week. It’s also irrelevant if you’re lying down inside a traditional one or an infrared sauna. You’re going to reap all of the sauna benefits that are available.

Want to learn more about all of the sauna benefits and whether you should cut out the middle man and install one in your home? No matter how much you know about saunas, we have all the answers to your questions available right here.